RPO Services


CMMC RPO Service

SoundWay Consulting utilizes a best in breed methodology to help Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC) understand their exposure to an adverse Certified Third-Party Organization (C3PAO) assessment. Unlike other service providers, we provide our clients with “knowledge transfer”.  We go beyond providing basic recommendations as to how to conform.  We go the extra step to help our clients make business and cost justified investments in technology and operations to conform with CMMC requirements.

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Separation of Duties

One challenge many OSCs have is being left with a report of what needs to be accomplished with no real path towards successful execution. SoundWay has developed a unique offering that takes the burden of “cyber tedium” off your plate and place it with our cybersecurity professionals in a cost-effective way.

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Free CMMC Consultation

SoundWay has been helping the U.S. Government and its business partners for over a decade. To schedule a free CMMC consultation, please contact us at CMMC@soundwayconsulting.com