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SoundWay Consulting understands the major challenges you face with CMMC compliance. Many defense contractors are scrambling to plan their CMMC compliance roadmap in order to stay in business with the Department of Defense (DoD). With consistent cyberattacks it is critical to set aggressive and achievable goals in your cyber defense standards. SoundWay will provide you with a full report and a clear path of execution on successful cybersecurity processes and practices. Get started with a free consultation today and start your CMMC journey.

  • Trust SoundWay Consulting to be your consistent expert guide in your CMMC compliance
  • Ensure conformance with DFARs and CMMC Obligations with SoundWay, a Cyber-AB C3PAO
  • Access our experts in Information Technology & Mission Support solutions and services, and CMMC policy, governance & solutions & services to industry.

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Why partner with SoundWay for your CMMC compliance?

With decades of experience in the armed forces, government contracting and supporting the DoD, Intelligence Community (IC), and Federal Government, SoundWay understands the unique mission of its clients. We will provide you with effective implementation and relevant resources to achieve CMMC compliance. Learn more about CMMC and understand how you can start your cybersecurity compliance needs with our experienced Registered Practitioners.


  • Experienced professionals supporting Government and Industry
  • Comprehensive work products that enable easy-to-understand guidance
  • Flexible recommendations that lower your costs of ownership
  • Onsite formal debrief
  • Warranty of work

How SoundWay Can Help You Become CMMC Compliant

SoundWay understands the major challenges Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC) face with CMMC compliance. We will provide you with a full report and a clear path of execution on successful cybersecurity processes and practices. With our proven track record in successfully helping our clients protect their Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems, we are confident that we can provide you with the services you need.


  • As an official C3PAO, you can trust that our experts are carefully vetted and approved by the CYBER-AB.
  • With decades of experience and expertise in Government contracting law, regulation, policy, and operations, we are here to provide you with knowledge transfer and go beyond the basic recommendations on cybersecurity practices.
  • If your audit were to fail the CYBER-AB or other body of authority, we will provide up to 40-hour complimentary expert cybersecurity services to defend your position or remedy it.

Free CMMC Consultation

SoundWay has been helping the U.S. Government and its business partners for over a decade. To schedule a free CMMC consultation, please contact us at